Welcome to Sklodowski Insurance Services, Inc.

We take pride in helping Senior's with their insurance needs, specifically final expense insurance. We use two main carriers, Baltimore Life and Equitable Life and Casualty. Baltimore Life has a simplified issue plan than covers people from age 40-80, up to 25,000 of coverage. Equitable life has a simplified issue plan that covers people from age 18-85, up to 100,000 of coverage. Both plans are whole life insurance. The main characteristics of whole life insurance are as follows:

  • Premium never increases
  • Benefits never decrease
  • Builds Cash Value

If you are a consumer or an agent, we can help you! For more information, please browse our website or contact us at 888-886-1735.

News and Events
May 01, 09
Equitable extends client interview hours from 7am - 7pm MST